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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

80 by 20: Graduating Ready Video

Community Conversation Schedule

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 80 by 20: Graduating Ready Community Conversations. Whether your conversation was at a church, business, school or community center, collectively your voices will guide leaders of influence around education.

Over the next few weeks, input you provided is being compiled and will be presented in a public forum as a Community Agreement. Check back for details.

As a community....YES WE CAN ensure every child graduates college- and career-ready!

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What is YES WE CAN?

On May 15, 2001, for the first time in over 40 years, the citizens of Mobile County rallied together to say 'YES' - to our children, to the value of learning, to investing in our economic future, and to growing as a community. The YES WE CAN coalition was established to serve as a collective voice for change and to create a sense of movement and possibility in the community.

A new public story is unfolding in Mobile County and its public schools - an ongoing account of a journey toward genuine public ownership.
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Yes We Can Network


Change is Possible and Progress is Taking Place


80 by 20Thank you for turning your time and attention to the 80 by 20:  Graduating Ready initiative of the Mobile Area Education Foundation (MAEF) in cooperation with the Mobile County Public School System.  80 by 20 is advancing the Yes We Can! community engagement initiative, coined by MAEF in 2001, that has demonstrated that ALL students can achieve, despite socio-economic factors, when our community is engaged and acts. 

Currently, we face the shocking fact that only 55% of our County’s public high school students graduate. Though we would all like to see the graduation rate at a full 100%, we are setting an ambitious but more realistic goal of graduating 80% of our high school students by 2020.  80 by 20 will be the focus of the Yes We Can! initiative over the next eight years and it will take all of us to reach this goal which is the single best thing our region can do, not only for our children’s future, but for the future of the entire community.  Consider: 

· More than half of Mobile County’s 13 public high schools are among the nation’s lowest-performing high schools.

· Abysmally low graduation rates contribute to virtually all of the critical challenges our community faces, such as drug abuse, criminal activity, poor health and reduced quality of life  that prevent us from becoming the vibrant, leading community we envision we can be.

· Our teens who drop out are twice as likely to be unemployed as their neighbor with a high school diploma, but if our dropouts are fortunate enough to find a job, they will earn $12,258 per year less than their peers who graduated with a diploma on time. 

 It's easy to see what dropping out of high school is costing our teens, but does our community see what it is costing us?

For more information, contact Jennifer Edwards at 470-5209 or 80by20@maef.net.

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