ACCEL Merit Scholar Awards

Students of ACCEL Day and Evening Academy scholars earn the Merit Award for being models of ACCEL’s Five Core Values:

  • Achievement underscores the belief that we can reach our goals through focus and hard work.
  • Collaboration reminds us that we can be our best and achieve the most when we work well with others.
  • Care emphasizes that we must show appreciation and concern for our community and fellow-man.
  • Empowerment means that we must take the initiative to give voice and power to our interests in a responsible way.
  • Lifelong-Learning encourages students to seek “learning” in and out of school for the rest of their lives.


Week of 9/04/2017 Winner

Joseph Johnson

Merit Award Scholar

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Week of 8/21/2017 Winners

Bailey Davis, Larry Smith, Derrick Carson, Micah Kinlaw, Klintaveus Thompson

 Merit  Award Scholars

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