ACCEL Uniform Policy



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  • Solid tan-colored khaki
  • No more than one size larger than the waist
  • Worn at the waist
  • No low-rise, bagging, sagging, or dragging
  • No cuffs in the pant legs
  • No jeans, cargo/carpenter pants, leggings, or sweatpants of any kind

Shirt Styles

  • Polo-style solid short or long sleeve shirts in Maroon color. 
  • Cap sleeve and sleeveless polo shirts of any kind are not approved.
  • Shirt should fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger than the student’s
    body size.
  • No logos, designs, or pictures on shirts unless school logo.
  • No bare waists, midriffs, bare backs, and/or low necklines permitted
  • Undershirts, if worn, must be solid white


  • Athletic shoes, leather shoes, and boots are all acceptable. No open-toe shoes or heels.
  • NO flip flops of any kind will be permitted.
  • Socks or solid-colored tights must be worn with athletic or leather shoes and must be
    either white or black.


  • Belts must be solid black or brown.


For more information, please contact an Advocate Counselor:

Latasha Pippins or Lenora Wilder

(251) 301-0050 |

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