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e2s-logo(500)Mobile, Alabama joins communities of Utah and Rhode Island to implement the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Evidence2Success framework. Evidence2Success promotes healthy child development by supporting public investment in programs proven to help young people. The Evidence2Success framework is for civic leaders who are ready to commit to strategic alignment of resources, both financial and human, for child well-being in a new way – to prevent problems before they happen. It is a roadmap that helps communities and public agencies establish a partnership with a shared vision of child wellbeing. No single partner, strategy or funding source can support the community-level change possible through Evidence2Success.


Press Release: Mobile to launch Evidence2Success partnership with Casey Foundation

Lagniappe article: MAEF, City partners with Annie E. Casey Foundation 

Neighborhoods of Focus:


Martin Luther King, Jr corridor

Lower Dauphin Island Parkway

Mobile’s Strategy

Increasing the well-being of youth in these communities will be carried out through four (4) goals:

1) Build broad community support and organizing to support the needs of all youth

2) Invest in research-based programmatic approaches to serving youth,

3) Expand and formalize community leadership to develop, implement and improve upon city-wide youth serving programming and

4) Strengthen the use of data for program evaluation and continuous improvement.


Assessing the Strengths and Needs in the Community

Evidence2Success brings the right people to the table with the data they need to set priorities for young people. That requires getting a complete picture of the needs and strengths of children and youth in focus neighborhoods, and measuring changes over time. The Annie E. Casey Foundation offers Evidence2Success communities access to the Youth Experience Survey to get this comprehensive picture. The survey, administered throughout the public school district of a community using Evidence2Success, will help the Evidence2Success partners identify where it makes sense to work together and direct investments to help more children grow up healthy, ready for school and prepared for success in life.

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Evidence2Success Press Conference (February 23, 2016)

Evidence2Success Media

Mayor Sandy Stimpson, City of Mobile
Steve Lafreniere, Alabama Dept. of Youth Services
Judge Edmond Naman, Strickland Youth Center
Dwayne Vaughn, Mobile Housing Authority
Don Stringfellow, MCPSS Board Commissioner
Rev. Levon Manze, City Councilman
C J Smalls, City Councilman
Carolyn Akers, Mobile Area Education Foundation
Suzanne Barnard, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Evidence2Success Partners