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The Education Commission (Member Listing) is a data-driven collaboration among 30 representatives who are the region’s education, business and civic leaders. Together, they plan and effect the changes that will improve teaching and learning at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through university settings. The Education Commission seeks to improve the system of education to ensure improved academic achievement for all young people in Mobile County and surrounding counties. The spirit of the Education Commission is that of an entire region working together—school superintendents, university and college presidents, business and community leaders, principals, teachers, and parents—to identify and support ways to ensure high academic achievement.

The mission of the Education Commission is to ensure that every child is prepared for entrance into college or a career upon high school graduation. To carry out this mission, the Education Commission is charged with serving as the accountability mechanism that monitors and reports the progress of education outcomes and its impact on workforce development.

In 2011, the Education Commission developed a series of College/Career Indicators (Dashboard below) that provide trending data to communicate whether:

  • Preschoolers are getting a healthy start
  • Elementary students are equipped to become life-long learners
  • Middle school students are prepared for a smooth transition to high school where they will be empowered to make college and career choices and
  • High school students have access to post-secondary options

To address the influx of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)-based jobs in Mobile, the Education Commission is working to expand its focus beyond the education pipeline to the workforce pipeline. The Education Commission is working to complete a comprehensive data collection and analysis effort and to conduct a policy assessment and community gap analysis on student data that will provide key leaders and decisions makers with the information they need to ensure that students graduate ready for college and/or career success.


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Learning Forum: Education by the Numbers (9.24.2015)

Graduate Ready Community Agreement


For more information on the Education Commission, please contact Chandra Scott.


College & Career Indicator Dashboard

Our goal is to create 75,000 credentials/degrees by 2030. This can only happen when the entire community is purposeful through data in establishing and enabling conditions for long-term attainment success.

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