Engaging Youth Through Engineering

About Engaging Youth Through Engineering

Engaging Youth Through Engineering (EYE) is a workforce and economic development initiative created to bring relevance to the K-12 mathematics and science curriculum. The goal of EYE is to inspire, engage and prepare middle school students to take the coursework needed to support the growing demand for highly skilled and technology-savvy workers for major industries located in the Mobile area, including aerospace and shipbuilding.

Students use the Engineering Design Process to apply mathematics and science to solve relevant problems in the classroom and produce the technology and products needed in the world today.

EYE includes the following programs:

    • EYE Camps and Clubs. EYE camps and clubs offer engineering curriculum to fourth- and fifth-graders at 25 Mobile County schools. Students attend EYE clubs during the school year and then have the opportunity to continue the EYE program at teacher-led summer camps. EYE camps and clubs use the Boston Museum of Science “Engineering is Elementary” units and are led by trained teacher leaders.


    • Middle Grades Modules. Funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation, EYE Middle Grades Modules are weeklong engineering units that incorporate science and mathematics. Each module is specifically designed to bring relevance and rigor to existing curriculum, with a special emphasis on mathematics. Each module also provides an engineering design challenge, fosters the development of “engineering habits of mind,” integrates technology and other resources to meet the learning needs of a diverse group of students, and deepens understanding of middle grades mathematics and science content.


    • Teacher Workshops. One goal of EYE is to use the engaging work of engineers as innovative problem solvers to “hook” students at the upper elementary and middle grade levels so they will choose to take the higher level science and math courses and develop critical thinking and communication skills required for students to be either work or college-ready in the 21st century.


    • Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) is a specialized math and science path that arms students to enter post-secondary education qualified for engineering majors, or other geotechnical, geological physical, meteorological, or environmental fields, as well as those interested in pursuing education majors in those areas. EPIC includes a strong math and science component. Interested students must commit to the required curriculum of additional math and science coursework as well as enrichment activities.

    • MCPSS STEM Improvement Program. In 2010-11, the Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) developed the STEM Improvement Program in response to growing demand for all students to experience challenges that bring relevance to and integrate mathematics and science content, similar to those found in the EYE modules. Based on recommendations from the district’s STEM Improvement Advisory Team, MCPSS decided to implement its STEM Improvement Program and STEM Standards initially at the middle grades, before expanding to the elementary and high school levels.


In partnership with members of the STEM Alliance, MAEF developed the STEM Community Blueprint which represents the culmination of years of dedicated efforts to support the district’s education outcomes and the community’s workforce development efforts. The Blueprint is designed to:

  • Articulate a vision for STEM education in Mobile County, Alabama
  • Describe the previous achievements in developing a foundational STEM education movement in Mobile County
  • Report the current status of STEM education and it’s connection to existing education and workforce development strategies
  • Identify critical next steps and priorities for all stakeholders

For more information on EYE, please contact Judy Duke.

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