AM/NS Calvert STEM Summer Camp

Robots, Circuits, Drones, Oh My!


Scott Posey, AM/NS Calvert

AM/NS camp banner

Johnnie Adams, MAEF STEM Specialist

The Mobile Area Education Foundation in partnership with advanced steel manufacturer AM/NS Calvert are offered over 250 students in grades 4-8 a Summer STEM Camp during the week of  7/17/2017-7/21/2017, closing with a grand finale on Friday, July 21, 2017 at Lott Middle School.

AM/NS Calvert is a large local community-minded employer that believes its sustainability and success is dependent on a highly skilled workforce in Southern Alabama.  “If we want to grow the advanced manufacturing industry in Mobile County and increase opportunities for our local people, we have to have a workforce here that has the skills that are needed to work with technology and automation,” says AM/NS Calvert Communications Director Scott Posey. “We also believe we have to start developing the foundation for these skills at earlier ages than we have in the past.”

 With this in mind, the technology integrated STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Summer Camp engaged students from Northwest Mobile County schools- Calcedeaver, Chickasaw, Collins Rhodes and McDavid Jones Elementary schools, North Mobile K-8 and Lott Middle school.   This camp provided opportunities for students to work in teams to complete projects and products using the Engineering Design Process, to include varied digital proje cts, 3D design and printing with Sketch Up software and Makerbot printers, coding (including Ozobot technology, binary numbers,, gaming design using Scratch, and additional programming using Python for robots.  In addition, students created products using electrical circuits/paper circuits, built structures using wood, K’nex and Erector sets, produced digital video projects using green screen technology, and experienced learning in a true STEM setting.  Products mirrored local industry technologies and solve real-world problems in a team-building, collaborative, workplace atmosphere.

IMG_0886“At MAEF we are working to provide opportunities for students that connect the classroom to the workforce,” says MAEF CEO Carolyn Akers.  “The AM/NS Calvert Summer STEM Camp is just one of the ways we are able to expose Mobile County students to various STEM fields in a fun and engaging environment. Our programs support our commitment to ensuring public school students have the tools and skills to graduate ready for college, but also ready to fill the job needs of our community.”